Board Meeting – July 2013

Creating the Future Board

If you're looking for the July board meeting, it is right here! (Scroll down for the meeting itself).

If you think the question, "How will our board handle our legal obligations?" is the most boring question in the world, you have not met Creating the Future's board!

At our June meeting, our board prioritized "Processes for addressing our legal obligations" as the most important topic for us to tackle over the next few months.  As you can see from the discussion at this post, however, that decision simply leads to the next question: Which to discuss first?

During our July meeting, we will begin by matrixing the issues – annual meeting, bylaws, budgets, financials – against objective criteria for deciding which to discuss first.  Those objective criteria will include questions such as

• Will it hurt us if we don't discuss it?

• Will discussing this issue bring us forward?

• Is our discussion of one legal matter (for example the bylaws) dependent upon our knowing how we will handle another matter (for example, the budget process)?

• Plus a whole host of questions we haven't thought of yet! 

Composite Photo of Creating the Future's MeetingsBecause our board is simultaneously governing the organization while being its own R&D Governance Learning Lab, no issue is ever just about that issue – it is always about reaching for what is possible for all boards, everywhere.

What that means is that no matter how mundane these legal issues may appear, our discussion is guaranteed to tease out the intention and potential out of those mundane issues, reaching for what those issues really make possible.

And just as important, we will prove that you can have fun doing so!

For info about the items under consideration (and the progress report upon which many of those items are based)…
Blog discussion prioritizing those legal obligations
Agenda (text version and video)
Progress Report (video and blog)

We look forward to having you be part of our meeting. It is only together that we can create the healthy, humane, vibrant future we all want for our world.

Creating the Future Board Meeting
Monday, July 8, 2013
10am Pacific time (NA) / 1pm Eastern time ((NA) / 6pm BST (Europe)

To join in the conversation, watch for the video stream to appear at the end of this post. (There will be no video there until the meeting begins – and if it's 1pm sharp and there's no video, please wait for it – we may just be starting a minute or two late)

To ask questions, to share observations, to participate as part of our community – tweet to us using the hashtag #CTFuture.

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