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Subscribe to the e-Journal Sharing Made Simple August 24, 2019 Read More → How Your Brain Derails Your Compassion (and what to do about that) August 13, 2019 Read More → The Most Disempowering Word July 20, 2019 Read More → A Simple Step Towards Inclusion June 1, 2019 Read More → A simple way … Read more

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Sharing Made Simple

Current e-Journal – August 25, 2019   In reality,  we are all  sharing resources  all the time. The Things We Share “Together we have everything we need.” That is the basis of the economic principle of Collective Enoughness. Interestingly, when we teach this concept at Creating the Future, many people tell us that this is … Read more

How Your Brain Derails Your Compassion (and what to do about that)

Current e-Journal – August 18, 2019 “My true religion is love and compassion. No need for complicated philosophy. Love for others, no matter who or what they are – that is ultimately all we need.” ~ The Dalai Lama Compassion Starts with You Those of us striving for a kinder, healthier, and more equitable world … Read more

The Most Disempowering Word

Current e-Journal – July 21, 2019 “Should is an argument with reality.” ~ Tara Brach Should We’ve all experienced what it feels like when we’re being told what we should do. You know what you should do? I / you ought to / must / have to / should… When someone tells you what you should do, what is your immediate emotional … Read more

GlobalSkin 2019 Conference – Resource Page

Resource Page Hello to everyone who was part of the GlobalSkin 2019 conference! Hello to everyone who was part of the GlobalSkin 2019 conference! I was so inspired by GlobalSkin’s mission, that we created this resource page to help you continue to create the future you want to see. This page includes items you requested, plus … Read more

A Simple Step Towards Inclusion

Current e-Journal – June 2, 2019 Everyone and everything is interconnected and interdependent, whether we acknowledge that or not. ~ Hildy Gottlieb, The Pollyanna Principles Inclusion as a Habit What would it take for inclusion to become a habit – a way of being? As it is with any new habit, to be inclusive, we first need … Read more

Maybe you don’t already know this

Current e-Journal -March 6,2019 Subscribe to the e-Journal March 6, 2019 “In the beginner’s mind, there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s mind, there are few.” ~ Shunryu Suzuki First a Quick Update… To accomplish social missions, organizations need a structure designed for that purpose. That is what our board will begin crafting this … Read more