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Subscribe to the e-Journal The Truth about Self Care May 26, 2020 Read More → What is possible when this is all over? May 2, 2020 Read More → The Truth about Gratitude When Life Feels Hard April 20, 2020 Read More → Tools for a new reality March 30, 2020 Read More → A … Read more

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The Truth about Self Care

Current e-Journal – May 26, 2020 Here’s the truth about self care…   Spoiler alert: There is a great new resource in the Resource List below, a joint venture between Creating the Future and the Association for Corporate Citizenship Professionals. And it’s FREE! The truth about self care Are you tired of hearing about “self … Read more

What is possible when this is all over?

Current e-Journal – May 4, 2020 What is possible when this is all over? During this time of quarantine, in addition to feelings of unease and uncertainty, people are also feeling a sense of possibility. In some cases it is a quiet murmur, in other cases a roar. So many people are expressing the desire … Read more

The Truth about Gratitude When Life Feels Hard

Current e-Journal – April 20, 2020 The truth about gratitude when life feels hard Here is the simple truth about gratitude: Gratitude can actually reduce the release of stress chemicals like cortisol into the bloodstream. And given the low hum (or perhaps the huge cacophony) of stress we are all feeling these days, that’s a big … Read more

Tools for a new reality

Current e-Journal – March 30, 2020 Like new parents adjusting to a new reality,  there are tools to help guide us along the way. Just as it is when we start any new skill, making our way through this new reality can feel clunky and uncertain. This week’s eJournal is therefore short and sweet, two … Read more

A Video Message from Hildy

Current e-Journal – March 23, 2020 A short message from Hildy to help us bring out the best in ourselves and each other in this new reality. Article: Explaining the Brain Science of Why You Aren’t Thinking Clearly These Days During these disorienting times, If you’re suddenly feeling clumsy, dropping or bumping into things… If … Read more

Why You Aren’t Thinking Clearly and other stories of Coronavirus

Current e-Journal – March 19, 2020 If you’re not feeling 100% like yourself these days, that’s 100% normal. This is Your Brain on Fear… When times are as uncertain as they are right now, it is not surprising that most of us are feeling a bit off our game. Perhaps you’re finding it hard to … Read more

8 Ways to Calm Your Survival Brain (Why You Aren’t Thinking Clearly: Part 2)

This is Part 2 of the article, Why You Aren’t Thinking Clearly: The Brain Science of Fear in Uncertain Times. We strongly encourage you to read Part 1 before diving in here, to understand how our brains are doing exactly what they were designed to do.  Calming Your Survival Brain If you’ve tried reasoning with … Read more