How Our Values Statement was Developed

The Statement of our Values in action is the result of a comprehensive effort...

  • Reviewing the hundreds of hours of meetings¬†Creating the Future has convened over the years since our board and strategy meetings became public in January 2013.
  • In many cases, the statements are the verbatim words of our board members and community members, as they participated in those many conversations about the core of our work. Those words came in answer to questions specifically about our values, as well as questions about the practical matters we were discussing, because at Creating the Future, those conversations always come back to walking the talk of our values.
  • In addition, the words that follow came from people answering the question, "From our actions, what do YOU think we value?"
  • And lastly, the words below derive from months of ongoing conversation as our board's role was defined as "integrity," ensuring we are walking the talk of our values.