The Education Programs Fund

Honoring & Celebrating
Creating the Future Co-Founder
Hildy Gottlieb

To celebrate Creating the Future Co-Founder Hildy’s 60th birthday on August 21, 2017, we are honoring and surprising her by launching Creating the Future’s Education Programs Fund. The Fund honors Hildy’s generosity to share what works, and her commitment to support a growing collection of people to create the future we do want – a more healthy and humane world for everyone.

Whether you have been a part of Creating the Future’s growing global community, or are joining our journey today, we thank you for stepping into this grand experiment with us.

The Fund will add rocket fuel to Creating the Future 10 year mission, an experiment to bring out the best in as many people as possible, in as many human systems as possible, through the questions people ask in their day-to-day lives.

Specifically, contributions to our Education Programs will help us scale what we know works. Built on the strengths and learnings from Hildy’s 20 years of research and thinking, we have developed, beta-tested, retooled and launched a range of Education Programs over the past two years.

Scaling is all about PEOPLE and what it will take to…

  • Provide more people with the knowledge, skills and practice so they can bring out the best in situations, people and themselves.
  • Engage more people in developing, sharing and teaching Catalytic Thinking practices in a myriad of platforms and settings all over the world.

With additional resources we will be able to scale what is already in place, in development and on-hold.

That includes:

  • Free Education Programs – Continue to develop and offer a range of free learning opportunities including our e-journal, video classes, online conversations, practice exercises, online learning communities
  • Education Programs Development – Continue the curriculum development of additional courses and online workshops, articles and white papers.
  • Faculty Development Preparation & Support Program– Complete the development of a program to prepare and support faculty to teach at all stages along the Continuum of Potential
  • Catalytic Thinking Immersion Courses – With more instructors we will be able to offer anyone, anywhere in the world a personal transformative learning experience through our Catalytic Thinking courses.
  • Education Program Scholarships – Continue to walk the talk of our values and never let money stand in the way of learning.

We invite you to join our celebration of Hildy’s 60th birthday in two ways.

1. Share your story  about the difference Hildy has made in your life, the lives of those around you, your community, and/or the world. There are many ripples out in the world that Hildy has catalyzed. If stories are the connecting glue of humanity, let’s create a glorious and interconnected web of Hildy stories together!

2. Contribute to the Creating the Future’s Education Programs Fund