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Creating the Future FELLOWS

Creating the Future fellows are individuals who have made the commitment to make Creating the Future’s vision a reality - a world that works for everyone, where everyone is living well, individually and collectively.

To accomplish that, Creating the Future's fellows have made the commitment to bring out the best in themselves and in everyone around them, putting Catalytic Thinking into practice in their day-to-day lives.

Putting that commitment into action includes:

  • 1 - Kevin and Anne (2)


    Commitment to ongoing learning about what it takes to bring out the best in themselves and others

  • Kendra


    Commitment to being a catalyst - to practice on their own and with other fellows in community, to model the practice in how they be with others in their lives, and to support others in their own practice. And commitment to being a contribution - to the ongoing learning of their peers and their community, and to Creating the Future’s ability to accomplish our mission

  • Bob and Gayle


    Commitment to share what they are learning with people in their own lives, to create more and more ripples in the pond.

Through intensive and ongoing learning and practice, being in community with each other and the world around them, and sharing what they are learning, Creating the Future fellows are being the future they want to see, acting as catalysts for that same high potential in everyone they encounter.

How to Become a Fellow
The first step in becoming a fellow is education. Fellows have completed the equivalent of the first three courses in the Catalytic Thinking curriculum.

Throughout their course work, students are in conversation with their instructors and with current fellows, as they explore what being a fellow will mean in their own life.