Catalytic Thinking 102: Catalytic Listening

Catalytic Thinking 102: Scheduling & Tuition Information

If you are considering immersing yourself in Catalytic Listening, we know there are two types of questions you may have.

1) The easy questions include things like scheduling and tuition. That information is on this page.

2) The more complex questions include, "Is this really a fit for me?" and "What really happens during all those sessions?" and "Can I talk with someone like me, who has taken the class, to get their sense of it?" If you have these sorts of questions, you are not alone! We are happy to answer, explore with you, connect you with others, and just have a conversation. Send us a note and let's arrange that!


The interactive portion of the class will occur during an eight-week period, between February and April of 2019. The exact times will be determined by the course participants, to ensure it fits with your schedule.

Tuition and Registration

  • If you need tuition assistance, let's talk! We can offer liberal payment plans, as well as some limited partial scholarships. We never want money to stand between you and learning.

If you have any remaining questions about this course, please send us a note and let's chat. We look forward to getting to know you!