Turning Conditions Into Actions: Summary of “Sleuthing Process Design” Meeting #4

During our March 13 meeting we pivoted from the outcomes we identified in Meeting #3 (read the meeting summary here) to identify the favorable human-focused conditions we can create so that those outcomes will naturally emerge. It is harnessing the power and reality of causality.

We determine these conditions by asking:

What would each person we invite to a conversation need to…

  • Know, have and understand?
  • Believe?
  • Be assured of?

Then we ask …

What would it take to create that?

And with the answer that emerges, we may ask again

What would it take to create that?

As we continue to reverse engineer, conditions are created by preconditions from which the actions we will take naturally emerge. That is exactly what happened at Meeting # 4. Our conditions turned into actions and steps we will take right now.

What conditions need to be in place for people we invite to a conversation?

What would they need to believe?

  • Our invitation is authentic

What would it take to know that?

  • Need to know about us
  • Read stories, and see the potential in a story
  • Referrals from other people

What would they need to feel?

  • Be excited/curious about the opportunity for them and their people/colleagues to learn and grow (and to know what it is that they are curious about – being explicit in language that resonates with them and their situation)

What would it take?

  • Be asked a question that has them saying “I haven’t thought about that…”
  • Hear/read a small statement that opens that door
  • See something that gets them past the thing that is frustrating them and feeling stuck (and that knowledge may come from our existing relationship with the people, and research and listening in the conversation)
  • Understand what is really going on, to normalize and see a system vs. “me”
  • Our questions would be relevant to their experiences

And what would that take?

Invitations to CONVERSATIONS WITH PEOPLE. Yep, we’re ready to move to action, as our preconditions have turned into actions. Now to identify who we want to invite to conversations.

Who else cares about this?

We are seeking Influencers, and by that term we mean individuals who have the ability to create ripples. Who are individuals that people listen to and emulate?

We came up with the following categories of Influencers:

  • Foundation leaders who are at the cutting edge and watching trends based on what they see in proposals. They have the ability to influence beyond money with the knowledge they have out in the world
  • Social Investors
  • Social Capital Individuals who are at the nexus between social good & capitalism
  • Leaders / activists in large social movements (individuals and organizations)
  • Media people (including bloggers and podcasters)
  • Philanthropists
  • Academic institutions
  • Aggregators / Intermediaries whose job it is to know who is thinking about what (e.g. Chambers of Commerce, NP Resource Centers, CASE, etc.)
  • Government functionaries / departments / ministries / elected officials
  • Artists & collaborations of socially conscious artists
  • People we already know who are influencers

Our Next Steps:

Each team member will start to compile lists of everyone we already know in these categories. It will be energizing to remember how many connections we all have to real people who really care about the world.

Then we will matrix them by factors such as “Do they know/love us?” and “How connected are they to/as an influencer? Can they create lots of ripples?”

Meeting Reflections Through the Lens of Catalytic Listening:

Strengths/What do we have to build on? What is working well right now?

  • Each other
  • We know a lot of people
  • The Catalytic Thinking Framework and the values embedded in it
  • Many amazing stories to share/tell
  • Dedication to find language that is precise and resonates as we ask and parse the assumptions in language

Values/What matters most to us?

  • Importance of our having integrity
  • This is truly about finding real partners to walk side by side with us. And hold OUR hand, as we need them and we will support each other.
  • Our invitation to create together

Outcomes/What is important to us? What does good look and feel like to us?

  • Conversations that further our mission/it is alive
  • We are ready to take action with sleuthers living our mission
  • We have clarity
  • We raise consciousness

Going Forward in Developing and Launching Our Action Plan:

We have openly and publicly shared our four strategy meetings, where we have modeled working through the entire Catalytic Thinking Framework. As we head into our next and subsequent meetings, we are now down to the actions steps – focusing on tactical details, the ‘who does what’ and calendaring. We will continue to document and share what we are learning, though these work sessions will not be streamed live or recorded to post at a later date.

If we have piqued your curiosity, let us know you are here! These posts are also invitations to have a conversation with individuals who are committed to moving Creating the Future’s mission forward. And that absolutely means YOU.

Watch the recording of the meeting right here. As it happens when you’re working together on “stuff,” this conversation happened quickly without time to post and invite individuals to watch live.

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