Reaching For What is Possible: Summary of “Sleuthing Process Design” Meeting #3

During our February 28 meeting (listen/watch the recording here) we began by reaching for what is possible. Guided by the Catalytic Thinking Framework, we pivoted from all that we heard through the lens of Catalytic Listening about the outcomes, strengths and values we identified in our February 14 conversation (listen/watch the recording here) about both partnering AND our process of discovery itself to dig into what this sleuthing and engagement process will make possible, and for whom.

What do we want our sleuthing efforts to make possible? And possible for whom?

First we identified the “for whoms”:

  • People we invite to engage with us, whether they say yes or no. The invitation opens the door to stay connected, be aware of possibilities, feeds their curiosity.
  • All the ripples from these people and the intentional connections they make for us to other people
  • People who read this story after it has unfolded
  • “Us” –current and future team at Creating the Future
  • Creating the Future global community
  • People interested in “partnering” in their own space who can see our process develop, learn from the discrete piece of sleuthing, and see that this way of partnering is possible
  • Creating the Future’s mission – growing ripples is our mission
  • People who knock on the door and inquire about partnering with us

What will this process of engagement make possible?

“Opening doors will open us.” – Shiva Berman

Anyone we have a first conversation with will…

  • Be heard
  • Be excited/curious/intrigued to be seen in a different way
  • Feel this is a “breath of fresh air”
  • Feel valued and that they matter
  • Be appreciative as we are creating a relationship as a radical act in itself
  • Be invited to engage in a process of creation together
  • Have that sense of “finding my peeps” and there are more of us!
  • Be met where they are (Continuum of Potential in action)
  • Be pleasantly surprised
  • Put words/language to their thinking
  • Be sharing as we are building wisdom upon wisdom
  • Feel what it means to be a “creator”


Reflections framed through the lens of Catalytic Listening

Outcomes/what’s important to us:

  • Relationships
  • Communication
  • Open source creation at Creating the Future

Strengths/what we have to build on:

  • Resonance and consistency of thinking
  • Stories
  • Power of authentic invitations
  • Power of relational (instead of transactional)
  • Commitment to the Framework
  • Phrasing and language
  • Harmony of walking our talk

Values/what matters most:

  • Joy
  • Authenticity
  • Kindness
  • Valuing other people
  • Integrity – consistency & truth
  • Deep intention to walk the talk
  • Honoring relationships
  • Value of listening catalytically

What’s Next? We will identify the human-focused favorable conditions need to be in place for these outcomes to naturally emerge.

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