Turning Conditions Into Actions: Summary of “Sleuthing Process Design” Meeting #4

During our March 13 meeting we pivoted from the outcomes we identified in Meeting #3 (read the meeting summary here) to identify the favorable human-focused conditions we can create so that those outcomes will naturally emerge. It is harnessing the power and reality of causality. We determine these conditions by asking: What would each person … Read more

Reaching For What is Possible: Summary of “Sleuthing Process Design” Meeting #3

During our February 28 meeting (listen/watch the recording here) we began by reaching for what is possible. Guided by the Catalytic Thinking Framework, we pivoted from all that we heard through the lens of Catalytic Listening about the outcomes, strengths and values we identified in our February 14 conversation (listen/watch the recording here) about both … Read more

Creating Systems to Engage & Support Humans

This is the third in a series of posts about creating a monthly contributors campaign. Get oriented quickly with our prior meeting summaries here and here, where you can also watch recordings of the meetings. A few months back, we launched an experiment – to consider what it would take to create a monthly contributors … Read more

"Contribution" as Deep Engagement: Connecting Human to Human

Where does that uneasy feeling come from when an incoming call is from a community benefit organization we care about? It may be because we assume a pattern is about to be repeated: (1) Make a monetary contribution. (2) Receive a phone call that begins with thank you, then swiftly moves into considering giving more. … Read more

Creating a Monthly Contributors Campaign: October 20, 2016 Meeting

If the world we want to see is one where relationships between institutions and individuals are built upon trust – just like it is in real friendships – what might “walking the talk of true friendship and trust relationships” look like in the day-to-day of developing a fundraising campaign? As Creating the Future is about to develop a … Read more

Workplace Teams: People Bringing Out the Best in Each Other

The first few weeks at a new job or with a new team can be stressful. Individuals are assigned work based on their job titles. From there, team members are expected to figure out how to work well together. And as all of us have experienced at some point in our careers, “working well together” … Read more

What Stories Make Possible

Oh the power of stories, the connecting glue of humanity! Stories offer rich, vast and fertile fodder for sharing, learning and connecting together as humans. Stories inspire and catalyze those who are ready to try something different. Stories recognize and honor individuals who are a part of them,  people who may not see how awesome their … Read more