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July 2016


Dealing with Disaster3 Questions to Move from Helplessness to Action in Troubling Times

During these troubled times, the desire to make a difference is often accompanied by the thought, “I don’t even know where to begin!” The following questions will lead you to confidently take action, to create a more humane future for our world…… Continue reading



This week’s eJournal is an article that is being shared across the Internet. If you’re feeling powerless against the enormity of the problems facing our world, the questions Hildy Gottlieb poses in this article will guide you to actions that are right for you.

“This piece comes from my own practice,” said Hildy. “These are the questions that lead me from sadness to action. Because otherwise, those feelings can become overwhelming, keeping us from taking action at every turn.”

Please share this with people you know who are feeling that desire to do something. And please let us know what happens.

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